Final Lecture


Today we have had our final lecture. We had visitors in to tell us about the amazing services that are available to us through the university after we graduate. There is obviously the Alumni Association who will keep us up to date with what it going on at the university. They will also let us now about any workshops and opportunities available to us and possibly get in touch if there is anything we can do for the university in terms of giving talks or participate in events. Most important of all the Alumni are arranging the reunions, which really isn’t relevant for another 10-15 years but still exciting.

There is obviously the Alumni Association who will keep us up to date with what it going on at the university. They will also let us now about any workshops and opportunities available to us and possibly get in touch if there is anything we can do for the university in terms of giving talks or participate in events. Most important of all the Alumni are arranging the reunions, which really isn’t relevant for another 10-15 years but still exciting.

The careers service is also available for us to access for up to three years after we graduate. They can help with job interview tips and creating the best CV. They can give advice on different careers and help you work towards our dream job.

We are also able to get advice from enterprise about setting up our own business and everything that goes along with that, tax, payments etc. This is a particularly useful service to have access to as a creative student, also for me as I am possibly going to be doing some event photography, I need to make sure that I have the necessary paperwork in order.

We are very lucky as students of the University of Cumbia to have access to these services and a lot more for free. Some universities do not offer these things, and I think we need to take advantage of them to be able to build the best career for ourselves.

It is such a sad thing to know that this was the last lecture I will have, but at the same time it just opens up a whole new world that I am excited to enter. The next month will be planning and setting up for the Degree Show. Next week I am going to be printing all my photographs, and then we just need to prepare the studios so we can put our work on the walls.

Today we got the floor plan for the Degree Show and I was lucky enough to get the spot that I wanted. I had requested a corner spot and I am very pleased to have this big corner space to fill with my photographs. I am going to have to revise my plan a bit as I will have more space than I expected, but I have plenty of photographs to choose from so I won’t have any problems filling the walls. Our studios will work as a contemporary gallery space with white and grey normal straight walls, but we all get to put our personal touch on it.

It is all about the exhibition from now on, and what I am looking forward to the most is being able to show my work to my family when they visit for the Degree Show. This semester has by far been the best, with a lot of freedom to just work on my project, but I still can’t believe it is all coming to an end.


Danmarks Fotomuseum


(Denmark’s Photography Museum)

I work in a camera shop in Denmark, I started working there almost five years ago now, and I usually do a shift or two when I visit my parents during the summer and at Christmas, as I really enjoy working there. I also created their website and still manage in when it needs updating.

My boss has been in the business for more that 40 years and is an eager photographer himself, although mostly as a hobby. He is a collector of old cameras and I think he has a couple of hundreds now, a lot of which are on display in the shop. He is also engaged in Denmark’s Photography Museum, where they are exhibiting old cameras, photography equipment and other photography related elements. They also have photography exhibitions and the current exhibition is the winners of this year’s Danish photojournalism awards. Unfortunately this exhibition finishes before I will get a chance to see it, however, there will be another exhibition after this one, one I am a lot more interested in. It is

The museum also has a gallery with photography exhibitions, and the current exhibition is with the winners of this year’s Danish Photojournalism Awards. Unfortunately this exhibition finishes before I will get a chance to see it, however, there will be another exhibition after this one, one I am a lot more interested in. It is by a famous Danish landscape photographer called Kirsten Klein and the exhibition is called Øjeblikke (Moments). This exhibition runs until Christmas and I am very much looking forward to visiting it.

Her landscapes are in black and white and are always quite dramatic looking. This is an example of Klein’s work:

Klein is from the from the same part of the country as me, and has illustrated several books with her photographs and has multiple exhibitions as well. She mostly works is Denmark but has also done a few project abroad, however, her style remains the same.

Unfortunately, this exhibition will be the last one the museum hosts, as the council has cut their funding for the museum and they are forced to close down.

Another exhibition I would love to visit is the Copenhagen Photo Festival, but this year it happens to be at the same time as our Degree Show, so I am going to have to wait until next year.

I have found an association in Denmark for photographers which I will be joining when I finish my course. It looks like it is almost an equivalent to Redeye, it is called Selskabet For Dansk Fotografi (SDF) (The Association for Danish Photography). It is a national association with lots of benefits for the members, and by becoming a member of SDF you also automatically become a member of Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP) which is a worldwide photography organisation. SDF also publish a photography magazine four times a year and have meetings and competitions for their members to participate in. There is also a nordic association I can look into joining.

I love being part of the photography world and going to see exhibitions, and I am going to have to keep up to speed with what is going on, probably through all the newsletters from organisations like Redeye, LensCulture, Magnum, Photoworks and SDF. As I won’t be a student anymore I will have to seek out inspiration and guidance from these places as I won’t have lecturers to rely on any longer, so these networks and organisations will now be more important than before. (The camera shop where I work)

Day Trips


Over the easter holidays, I managed to go on day trips to Keswick and Maryport. It was two places I had wanted to visit to take photos for my final major project since the start of the semester. I waited until the easter holidays to go as there was a better chance that the weather would be good, and also because I had more days off so I could pick the best day according to weather and travel times.

Keswick is one of my favourite places in England, and with the quiet nature and stunning scenery, it is also a perfect place for me to go to take photographs for my project about the highly sensitive person. The walk around Derwentwater is a gorgeous combination of walking through woodland and enjoying the calm water lakeside. I also ran into a curious little lamb, who was more than happy to pose for a photo before I moved on.

It is a common thing for highly sensitive persons to feel at ease around water, especially a calm lake like Derwentwater, and it is perhaps this that draws me so much towards Keswick. I enjoy sitting by the lake and look at the peaceful movement and the reflections created on the surface of the clear water.

It was also the water that made me go to Maryport. There is something cosy about small seaside towns, and I usually prefer them outside of the season where they are more quiet, as Maryport was on the very windy day when I visited. The wind didn’t stop me from going for a walk on the beach where I stumbled upon several interesting things along the way. Especially the colourful ropes caught my eye.

I have taken the shots I wanted on my day trips, however, I was also hoping to record some of the audio I am going to use for the degree show, but because it was so windy in Maryport there is nothing but noise on the recording. It worked out better in Keswick luckily when I could avoid recording other people talking in the background.

The trips were also a great way for me to get away from Carlisle for a bit as I didn’t have any other plans during the holidays, so all in all, I had some great trips and I would love to visit both places again.

Exhibition Booklet


As part of our Degree Show, we have different responsibilities, my responsibility is designing our exhibition booklet. It needs to contain artist statement from the exhibiting photographers and possibly a foreword as well.

I have been working on finishing it to have it hopefully test-printed this week so I can tweak the spelling and layout before the final print-run. I have struggled to reach everyone, but luckily I am currently only missing statements from two of my classmates.

I have spent a lot of time finalising the design even before receiving any statements, creating the cover and the general layout for the booklet. Another classmate designed the exhibition logo that I then needed to use to create the booklet layout. As the logo in itself was grey I decided to add a bit another colour to the design to make sure it doesn’t look too boring.

This is an example of the layout from the booklet. This is my own pages, complete with name, title, statement, links and photos. I decided on a light blue colour as it was something we suggested for a logo colour at a meeting with the class, it also works well with the various shades of grey from the logo. The background is also a light shade of grey, as I wanted to avoid having it white as it would create too much of a contrast and make the text harder to read.

I experimented with different colours and layouts, but I am quite pleased with the end result (the first photo). The only thing I have really stuck with from the beginning is the cut logo in the corner, I just really liked the idea of the logo appearing on all the statement pages. I am still debating whether or not to keep it, but I will make a decision when I see it in print, it will be easier to tell on paper than on the screen if it really works.

As we decided as a class that we didn’t want a photograph on the cover of the booklet, it was up to me to create a nice eye-catching design. Again I wanted the logo to be the main feature and as it has the name of the exhibition in it there isn’t much need for much other text on the cover. I have used the recurring design with the box and the logo, just the two elements and a bit of text makes up the front page, clean and simple.

Overall, I am happy with my design and can’t wait to see it in print. Now I just hope that the class are pleased with the design as well and we can print the finished booklets soon, after a few tweaks to fix spelling and grammar.





At the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle, there is currently an exhibition about the history of female artists. The exhibition shows painting, illustrations, quotes but it is also an interactive exhibition, a place to discuss the issues surrounding feminism and female artists role in the art-world.

It was a great exhibition with a lot of variety, but what I found the most interesting was the interactive part. A lot of people had written little messages on post-it notes and stuck them to the wall or the floor or wherever they could find the space. The different colours of the post-it notes made it an installation piece in its own right, and with the many different contributors, it was hard to predict what the next note was going to say. Some were good, girl-power, feminism and encouragements, while others were more negative, clearly written by someone who is not supportive of the feminist movement, and them some that were completely out of context.

It is a good theme for an exhibition and I really enjoyed it. The exhibition was curated by 22 young aspiring curators, and they have done an amazing job with the gallery space and the artwork. It was well put together and all the quotes around the exhibition space were relevant and powerful. Perhaps the best one was this:

It is very true that there are two types of artists: female artists and just artists. It is the same within the world of photographers, although it seems that more and more females are getting involved in the world of photography and hopefully this will change gradually over time, as women photographers are just as important as the males.

Exhibition Handout PDF

The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art


When we went to Newcastle for our study trip, we also went to see the exhibitions at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. We were lucky enough to get a guided tour with an employee. The guide, unfortunately, wasn’t able to tell us much about the work other than what was in the brochures, but she told us a bit about the history of the unique building and it was nice to have someone show us around before getting the chance to go around on our own.

The main exhibition taking up most of the gallery space was the ‘That’s Not Me’ exhibition by Rodney Graham. One floor was a collection of Graham’s video work which had several different elements to it besides from just the moving image.

The videos were just as much about the installation as it was about the movies. The projectors were set up so the film would create interesting shapes as it was running through, there were sets build to exact measurements of where the film was shot and the massive projectors were painted and just almost more interesting than the movies themselves. The attention to the details is very admirable, and I was very awed by it.

Another floor contained Graham’s photographs. Huge scale photographs mounted on light-boxes and again with amazing attention to the details. Nothing in the photographs was left to chance, everything was placed exactly right on Graham’s build sets.

It is possible to just keep looking at one of Graham’s photographs for hours, because there are so many details to them, and it takes a while to notice all of them, on some of them it is even possible to read some of the news on the newspapers. Using himself as a model and having certain references to who he is as a person in the photographs just makes them even more personal even though they are showing a fictional world.

All of his photographs have a background story and with their massive scale, they are very fascinating installations.

The other exhibition on at the Baltic was about the refugee crisis in Europe. It was called ‘Disappearance at sea – Mare Nostrum’. It was a group exhibition in cooperation with Amnesty International to raise awareness about what the refugees are going through when they leave their homes behind in search of a better and safer life.

The collection of the different artworks from the different artists were amazing, and it a way symbolises how every refugee’s journey is different.

There were videos, interviews, illustrations, photographs and interactive installations. All the different artists’ work was put together in a way that it was almost a journey to go through for the viewer to see all of the different installations.

It was a great day at the Baltic, the tour could have been better, but the exhibitions were amazing and definitely worth a trip to Newcastle to see.

Photography Archive


The next photography project that I am going to be working on after I finish university is going to be a portrayal of my hometown in Denmark – Holstebro. So I started thinking about the most obvious places I am going to photograph, and as it is a very cultural place where music, theatre and art are highly valued there are multiple options.

I started by looking at the local museum which would be a good place to start, but unfortunately, it is closing down after easter to be refurbished. But browsing their website I found an archive with over 5000 old and new photographs of the local area. The massive variety of themes includes post-war, floods, aerial views, old school photos, local businesses and so much more.

I can’t wait to go through it all, and I am thinking of using these photographs as a starting point and re-photograph the locations from the archive. My Mum and her sibling grew up in the town as well so talking to them will give me an even better insight into the town’s history.

As I am not planning on photographing full-time this is a great project that can easily be carried out in my spare time, and I can see it being a project that will stretch over several years.