At the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle, there is currently an exhibition about the history of female artists. The exhibition shows painting, illustrations, quotes but it is also an interactive exhibition, a place to discuss the issues surrounding feminism and female artists role in the art-world.

It was a great exhibition with a lot of variety, but what I found the most interesting was the interactive part. A lot of people had written little messages on post-it notes and stuck them to the wall or the floor or wherever they could find the space. The different colours of the post-it notes made it an installation piece in its own right, and with the many different contributors, it was hard to predict what the next note was going to say. Some were good, girl-power, feminism and encouragements, while others were more negative, clearly written by someone who is not supportive of the feminist movement, and them some that were completely out of context.

It is a good theme for an exhibition and I really enjoyed it. The exhibition was curated by 22 young aspiring curators, and they have done an amazing job with the gallery space and the artwork. It was well put together and all the quotes around the exhibition space were relevant and powerful. Perhaps the best one was this:

It is very true that there are two types of artists: female artists and just artists. It is the same within the world of photographers, although it seems that more and more females are getting involved in the world of photography and hopefully this will change gradually over time, as women photographers are just as important as the males.


Exhibition Handout PDF


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