Day Trips


Over the easter holidays, I managed to go on day trips to Keswick and Maryport. It was two places I had wanted to visit to take photos for my final major project since the start of the semester. I waited until the easter holidays to go as there was a better chance that the weather would be good, and also because I had more days off so I could pick the best day according to weather and travel times.

Keswick is one of my favourite places in England, and with the quiet nature and stunning scenery, it is also a perfect place for me to go to take photographs for my project about the highly sensitive person. The walk around Derwentwater is a gorgeous combination of walking through woodland and enjoying the calm water lakeside. I also ran into a curious little lamb, who was more than happy to pose for a photo before I moved on.

It is a common thing for highly sensitive persons to feel at ease around water, especially a calm lake like Derwentwater, and it is perhaps this that draws me so much towards Keswick. I enjoy sitting by the lake and look at the peaceful movement and the reflections created on the surface of the clear water.

It was also the water that made me go to Maryport. There is something cosy about small seaside towns, and I usually prefer them outside of the season where they are more quiet, as Maryport was on the very windy day when I visited. The wind didn’t stop me from going for a walk on the beach where I stumbled upon several interesting things along the way. Especially the colourful ropes caught my eye.

I have taken the shots I wanted on my day trips, however, I was also hoping to record some of the audio I am going to use for the degree show, but because it was so windy in Maryport there is nothing but noise on the recording. It worked out better in Keswick luckily when I could avoid recording other people talking in the background.

The trips were also a great way for me to get away from Carlisle for a bit as I didn’t have any other plans during the holidays, so all in all, I had some great trips and I would love to visit both places again.


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