Photography Archive


The next photography project that I am going to be working on after I finish university is going to be a portrayal of my hometown in Denmark – Holstebro. So I started thinking about the most obvious places I am going to photograph, and as it is a very cultural place where music, theatre and art are highly valued there are multiple options.

I started by looking at the local museum which would be a good place to start, but unfortunately, it is closing down after easter to be refurbished. But browsing their website I found an archive with over 5000 old and new photographs of the local area. The massive variety of themes includes post-war, floods, aerial views, old school photos, local businesses and so much more.

I can’t wait to go through it all, and I am thinking of using these photographs as a starting point and re-photograph the locations from the archive. My Mum and her sibling grew up in the town as well so talking to them will give me an even better insight into the town’s history.

As I am not planning on photographing full-time this is a great project that can easily be carried out in my spare time, and I can see it being a project that will stretch over several years.


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