Exhibition Booklet


As part of our Degree Show, we have different responsibilities, my responsibility is designing our exhibition booklet. It needs to contain artist statement from the exhibiting photographers and possibly a foreword as well.

I have been working on finishing it to have it hopefully test-printed this week so I can tweak the spelling and layout before the final print-run. I have struggled to reach everyone, but luckily I am currently only missing statements from two of my classmates.

I have spent a lot of time finalising the design even before receiving any statements, creating the cover and the general layout for the booklet. Another classmate designed the exhibition logo that I then needed to use to create the booklet layout. As the logo in itself was grey I decided to add a bit another colour to the design to make sure it doesn’t look too boring.

This is an example of the layout from the booklet. This is my own pages, complete with name, title, statement, links and photos. I decided on a light blue colour as it was something we suggested for a logo colour at a meeting with the class, it also works well with the various shades of grey from the logo. The background is also a light shade of grey, as I wanted to avoid having it white as it would create too much of a contrast and make the text harder to read.

I experimented with different colours and layouts, but I am quite pleased with the end result (the first photo). The only thing I have really stuck with from the beginning is the cut logo in the corner, I just really liked the idea of the logo appearing on all the statement pages. I am still debating whether or not to keep it, but I will make a decision when I see it in print, it will be easier to tell on paper than on the screen if it really works.

As we decided as a class that we didn’t want a photograph on the cover of the booklet, it was up to me to create a nice eye-catching design. Again I wanted the logo to be the main feature and as it has the name of the exhibition in it there isn’t much need for much other text on the cover. I have used the recurring design with the box and the logo, just the two elements and a bit of text makes up the front page, clean and simple.

Overall, I am happy with my design and can’t wait to see it in print. Now I just hope that the class are pleased with the design as well and we can print the finished booklets soon, after a few tweaks to fix spelling and grammar.




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