Day Trips


Over the easter holidays, I managed to go on day trips to Keswick and Maryport. It was two places I had wanted to visit to take photos for my final major project since the start of the semester. I waited until the easter holidays to go as there was a better chance that the weather would be good, and also because I had more days off so I could pick the best day according to weather and travel times.

Keswick is one of my favourite places in England, and with the quiet nature and stunning scenery, it is also a perfect place for me to go to take photographs for my project about the highly sensitive person. The walk around Derwentwater is a gorgeous combination of walking through woodland and enjoying the calm water lakeside. I also ran into a curious little lamb, who was more than happy to pose for a photo before I moved on.

It is a common thing for highly sensitive persons to feel at ease around water, especially a calm lake like Derwentwater, and it is perhaps this that draws me so much towards Keswick. I enjoy sitting by the lake and look at the peaceful movement and the reflections created on the surface of the clear water.

It was also the water that made me go to Maryport. There is something cosy about small seaside towns, and I usually prefer them outside of the season where they are more quiet, as Maryport was on the very windy day when I visited. The wind didn’t stop me from going for a walk on the beach where I stumbled upon several interesting things along the way. Especially the colourful ropes caught my eye.

I have taken the shots I wanted on my day trips, however, I was also hoping to record some of the audio I am going to use for the degree show, but because it was so windy in Maryport there is nothing but noise on the recording. It worked out better in Keswick luckily when I could avoid recording other people talking in the background.

The trips were also a great way for me to get away from Carlisle for a bit as I didn’t have any other plans during the holidays, so all in all, I had some great trips and I would love to visit both places again.


Final CRIT


On Friday we had our final CRIT of the semester and the final CRIT of our education at the University of Cumbria.

It was our last chance to get feedback from the lecturer on our Final Major Projects and therefore a very important session.

I had printed out 4 sets of diptychs and two contact sheets with most of my edited photographs on.

As I cannot submit my exhibition layout in the portfolio I have decided to hand in diptychs portraying the good and bad sides of being a highly sensitive person which my project is all about, and diptychs are also a good way of showing that.

It seems to be a returning subject for me to work with the good and the bad sides of things. I like to try to separate the two. Last semester my main project was based on the picturesque and the sublime, whether they could work individually and how they work together. I also did a previous project on the rubbish that is being thrown carelessly on the ground in the Lake District National Park. This was also about taking the bad away from the good, but in a different way. For this project I ended up with double exposures instead of diptychs though.

My CRIT went well and I got some good feedback to be able to finalise my project over the next couple of weeks before handing in my portfolio and then starting to print my photographs for the exhibition. With my contact sheets I, was able to see how my photographs work together put on the wall, and I was quite pleased with how they look. They are colouful, intriguing and works well together. I am considering printing out contact sheets to put in my portfolio as well, I may even try to arrange the photos as I would like to mount them on the wall.

The way I am going to display my work is going to be something close to this:

I like the way the photographs have a sense of continuity and look fluent but still a bit confusing. After the feedback I got from the CRIT I am now planning on having two mp3 players along with my work, one with overwhelming noises and one with pleasant sounds, again the good vs. the bad. I will have room to place the two next to each other as they won’t take up much space. I also realised that the best way of hanging my work will be using pins, even though the photos will be printed full bleed I think that is the best and safest solution.

I am also going to have either one or two spotlights pointed at my work from the ceiling. As I am hoping to make the viewers slightly overwhelmed the light will contribute to that, as the paper I am working with is very reflective, and the viewers may have to move around a bit to be able to see all the photographs due to the glare from the lights.

I have a few more shoots planned over the easter holiday, but I am definitely starting to feel like I am getting there, and I can’t wait to see my work finally on the wall in less than two months.

Another Day – Another Shoot


I went for another shoot for my final major project today.

For my highly sensitive persons project I have to different approaches to the shoots. One is where I go to a populated and noisy place, and the other is where I go to a quiet place where I am less likely to run into too many people.

These are the two major aspects of the trait I have chosen to focus on, being overwhelmed and needing peace and quiet before dealing with stimulation again.

These are some of my latest photographs for my project, I am still happy with where it is going, and I am planning another shot this weekend.


Research Presentation


This week I did my Research Presentation. It is a presentation where we talk about the research we have done for the Final Major Project, which photographers we have looked at and how we want to expand on the project and work with the research.

As my project is about the highly sensitive person, I talked about the different aspects of the trait and about how it affects people day-to-day lives. I started the presentation by showing the photographs I took in first year when I initially started the project. They only just touch the surface of the subject but are still helpful to my project.

I also talked about some of the photographers I have looked at for inspiration, I talked about William Eggleston, Rinko Kawauchi, Pat Walton and Gergana Petrova. All of these photographers have done projects that have the aesthetic I am hoping to create with my own project.

At the end of the presentation, I showed some of my new photographs for the project and explained that I am currently happy with the progress I have made, and I can’t wait to show everything at the Degree Show.

Overall I am pleased with my presentation, although It could have been more fluent. I had so much I wanted to say about the project, but only 20 minutes to do it in.

This is one of my newest photographs for my project, and I absolutely love it. The way the sunlight disrupts the reflection in the puddle, it is such a great spring photo.



During my day in Edinburgh, I took a lot of photographs for my Final Major Project. As Edinburgh is quite a big city I focused mostly on the things that can be very overwhelming to me as a highly sensitive person. It is all the people everywhere, the constant traffic, the different smells, the bright lights from shops and adverts, the tall massive buildings and the noise bouncing between the buildings. It all creates the feeling of being trapped with nowhere to hide or get away to, you almost get withdrawals to being home.

hsp4 hsp7hsp5 hsp6I would like to convey the feeling of being overwhelmed in these photographs. They are triple exposures done in-camera, and I find that they portray the feeling of too many details to take in, it all becomes a bit of a blur. Editing the photographs made my head spin and I had to take a break, so I think I have achieved the effect I was going for. I am not too sure about the last photograph with the horizon, as it almost seems like there is a way out. But then again, there are different levels of stimulations, so maybe it does work?

I have been out for another shoot today, and I can finally begin to see my project taking shape.

Final Major Project


As this is the last semester of my photography degree, I have to do my Final Major Project (FMP) which will be displayed as a part of our Degree Show exhibition at the end of the year.

For my FMP I am working on a project about the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). About 20% of the population are highly sensitive, which means that it is too many people to be classed as a disability, and the reason for me to working with this subject is because I am a highly sensitive person myself. The project will be an insider’s perspective on this character trait and will hopefully make a few more people aware of this quality.

I am still at the initial stage carrying out test shoots and working with different ideas. After a tutorial with my lecturer on Tuesday, I decided to focus on the idea of trying to create a project that will make the viewer feel overwhelmed, as highly sensitive persons get very quickly overwhelmed with the world.

These are some of the photographs from my test shoots:

hsp1 hsp2 hsp3

With the photographs, I am trying to convey the world as I see it as a highly sensitive person, brighter colours and noticing the little details you find everywhere. I need to do more test shoots and I need to include both the side that makes the trait amazing and the more negative side to it that can sometimes make it difficult to keep up in a fast-paced society.

The FMP is the biggest project I have worked on so far, and I am quite enjoying the opportunity to get more in-depth with the subject.