Course Recognition


As I am not British, I am planning on returning back to Denmark after I have finished my course. But it can actually become a little difficult for me to find a job with a foreign degree, which is why I will need to get it validated.

Due to the nature of my course, and the fact that it doesn’t exist in Denmark, I will have to get the Ministry of Education to validate my education in order for future employers to understand the nature of the course I have done. It could mean the difference between getting offered a job and getting rejected, simply because the employer does not understand the value of my education.

I came across the information about the validation when I was looking through a website of a company that I have applied for a job with. The website led me to the Ministry’s website with a detailed description of how to get a course validated. It is not possible to do before I have finished my course, so I need to wait until I have my degree and final grades.

It will also have an influence if I should decide to do any further studying. Regardless of the country, I decide to study in, it is a good idea to make sure my own country actually recognises my degree. So although I would probably have to study abroad again to expand on my photography degree, I am planning on getting my degree validated as soon as I have all the necessary paperwork as it will improve my chances of finding a job.



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