Degree Show Branding and Promotion


It is our own responsibility to design and distribute promotional materials for our Degree Show, and we are going to need posters, flyers, postcards and business cards to hand out and put up around Carlisle. We have decided on a name for our exhibition and have already set up public profiles on different social media sites to attract as many people’s attention as possible (links at the bottom of this post). Our exhibition is called ‘Open to Interpretation’.

We need to fundraise money to pay for the materials, and as well as fundraising money on our own, we are setting up a crowdfunding page to raise money to spend on the things we will need for our Degree Show; promotional materials, drinks, paint booklets and more. We are currently working on which rewards to offer people for donating money. We are trying to keep the costs at a minimum and I have offered to give private campus tours as a reward. I am looking forward to see if anyone is going to request one as I would love to do this, campus tours are my favourite thing about my Ambassador job.

Another thing we need for the exhibition is a booklet that contains statements and examples of our work. As I have experience in graphic design, because of my Multimedia Design degree, I have been given the task of designing the booklet, and as I am playing with the thought of getting back into the field of graphic design, this is a great opportunity for me to create something I will be proud to show potential employers.

I am working on a very simple design based on the colour of the logo, and I have sought inspiration from the booklets made for the Degree Shows from the two previous years in terms of what to include and how to lay it out.

We had our interim CRIT today, I got a lot of useful feedback and think it overall went really well. I was mostly excited to see my work on the wall for the first time, even if it was just test-prints. One of the suggestions I got was to print the photographs full bleed instead of with borders, and that is definitely something I am going to do as it will look much better and contribute to the overwhelming effect I hope for it to have.

The Degree Show is something I have been looking forward to since I started my degree, and I am very pleased to finally be working towards it.




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