During my day in Edinburgh, I took a lot of photographs for my Final Major Project. As Edinburgh is quite a big city I focused mostly on the things that can be very overwhelming to me as a highly sensitive person. It is all the people everywhere, the constant traffic, the different smells, the bright lights from shops and adverts, the tall massive buildings and the noise bouncing between the buildings. It all creates the feeling of being trapped with nowhere to hide or get away to, you almost get withdrawals to being home.

hsp4 hsp7hsp5 hsp6I would like to convey the feeling of being overwhelmed in these photographs. They are triple exposures done in-camera, and I find that they portray the feeling of too many details to take in, it all becomes a bit of a blur. Editing the photographs made my head spin and I had to take a break, so I think I have achieved the effect I was going for. I am not too sure about the last photograph with the horizon, as it almost seems like there is a way out. But then again, there are different levels of stimulations, so maybe it does work?

I have been out for another shoot today, and I can finally begin to see my project taking shape.


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