Stills Gallery Edinburgh


I went for a day-trip to Edinburgh on Wednesday. The goal was to explore the city, visit the Stills Gallery and take photographs for my Final Major Project.

The Stills Gallery is a small gallery just off The Royal Mile and at the moment they have two different exhibitions on within the same theme: The Collection Series.


The first of the exhibitions is photographs from Scotland-based photographer David Eustace’s private collection. The photographs include works by Paul Strand, Edward S Curtis and even a photograph of Marilyn Monroe by Eve Arnold. Especially the old photographs by Edward S Curtis really fascinated me, and also the many different ways of printing the photographs.

The other exhibition is a selection of photographs by Alan Dimmick, who has documented the Scottish culture and way of life for 40 years. The photographs are a collection from different projects and assignments, and Dimmick named them all, over 500 photographs, for this exhibition.

Dimmick’s photographs are simply mounted to the wall with small nails and displayed in a tile pattern.

dsc_1467.jpg dsc_1466.jpg dsc_1465.jpg

It is such a simple but effective way of displaying Dimmick’s collection of over 500 photographs, spread out over two walls. It was so intriguing and overwhelming at the same time. I had to get closer to the wall to see the individual photographs but step further away to get an overview of the works.

I like the idea of displaying photographs in this way, and it is something I am looking into for my own exhibition, although I think my photos will be closer together. As I would like for the viewers to feel a bit overwhelmed when looking at my photographs, I need to do something along the lines of this. Having a lot of smaller photographs close together will create a sense of organised chaos, and I am hoping to be able to add sound and lights to it as well.

I really enjoyed the exhibition, it is the second time I have visited The Stills Gallery, and I have walked away very inspired both times, it is definitely worth a visit!


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