Part-time Photographer


I love photography and I know that I chose the right course at university, and I have every intention to keep photographing after I graduate. The only thing is that there are not a lot of money in the type of photography I like doing, so I am planning on getting a job that I will enjoy doing to pay the bills, and then continue with my photography in my spare time. I enjoy photographing landscapes and would like to do a lot of travel photography, but that all cost money, which is why I need a job, at least in the beginning.

Another thing I would also like to do is to occasionally photograph events, as this is something I have been doing throughout my time at university. Among other things, I have since my first year photographed the university graduation ceremonies and other events for the Alumni Association and last year I photographed the first TEDx held at the University of Cumbria.

TEDxUoCUoC Graduation

When photographing events, and in general when working with clients, it can be difficult to set a price for your work. As a student, I tend to not to charge a lot, but somehow clients still find the price too high sometimes. But I have to consider how much time I actually spend on a job. It is both the initial meeting, the actual shoot and then the editing time afterwards.

Last week we had a talk by one of the MA Photography students who recommended creating a ‘rate card’. A card with set prices for different services. This looks professional and gives the client a clear idea of how much you expect to be paid for the photographs. It is something I will definitely make sure I have handy for my next job. It is easier to give a customer a discount from the set price than trying to convince the customer to pay you more when they were expecting a different (lower) price.

My hopes are that I can find a great job that will pay my bills and pay for my photography so I can continue photographing the things that I love with peace in mind.


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