UoC Ambassador


To earn some extra money for university I am working as an ambassador for the University of Cumbria. I work at open days, interview days, applicant visiting days and school campus visits. I talk to prospective students of various ages about life at university. I tell them about what the University of Cumbria has to offer and why they should choose to study in Carlisle. I often get a lot of questions about where to live, how to cope with living on your own in a new city and if I like studying here. When I give campus tours I answer questions from both the prospective students and their parents. I show off our space and equipment and tell them about all the perks of studying at our university.

It is a job that I really love doing and it has helped me realised what I would like to work with in the future. Supporting and guiding people is something I very much enjoy, and it is also the reason why I am on the UCSU panel and a representative for my class. I have applied for a job where I would be helping other young people study abroad because I would like to help other young people have the opportunity to get the same experiences I have had studying and doing an internship abroad. When I handed in my application I was told that the company I applied with are taking on trainees this summer, which would be absolutely amazing for me as I don’t have any specific experience in that field other than my ambassador job.

Other jobs I am looking at are also relating to the jobs I have been taking on while being at university. I am looking at jobs that are about supporting international students, e.g. international coordinator at my old institution Business Academy Aarhus where the majority of my classmates were international students.

I am also looking into what it would take to become a school or study counsellor. It would be another job where I would be able to use the skills I have gained in my job as an ambassador. I have had a look at different websites, including Uddannelses Guiden (The Education Guide) which is the best place to find out what education you need for specific jobs. According to the website, there are specific courses available for counsellors but it depends on the specific job and the employers what the requirements for the different jobs are. I have a degree in Multimedia Design and Communication where the communication lectures counted for 1/4 of my degree, so depending on the available jobs that may be enough, otherwise, I can look into doing the specific course part-time after gaining some experience in other jobs.

I am looking at different types of jobs as I would like to try out different things. The only thing I know for certain is that I would like to be in a job where I get to help and support other people, preferably young people.


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