Degree Show


The final degree show opens on the 2nd of June this year and before then I will have to produce a body of work and decide on how I would like to exhibit it.

It is important to me that my work will stand out on the wall and draws people’s attention. It needs to look professional and well thought through hanging on the wall.

Yesterday we had a lecture in the different ways of printing, framing and mounting photographs. We looked at different types of photo paper, foam boards, aluminium, Dibond and lots of other options. We had a look at different frames and how we can mount photographs in them in different ways, with or without borders, box frames or standard frames. We also looked at photo paper samples from a photo lab in Newcastle. One of the samples was ultra glossy and the paper was almost plastic-like, and it is something like that I could see my work being printed on for the exhibition.

mounting2 mounting5 mounting6

We also had a walk around the current exhibition in the Vallum Gallery by photographer Stephen Clark. We looked at how his different bodies of work were exhibited in different ways, some were in different types of frames and other printed on boards and mounted directly to the wall. The whole exhibition was very thought through, all the visible mounts had been painted to fit the colour of the wall and the artist statements were printed on the same type of foam board and in the same size.

mounting4 mounting3 mounting1


My initial idea for the degree show is using lots of old vintage-style photo frames for my photographs and then hang them on the wall in a way that almost looks unorganised. My hope is that it will leave the viewer feeling a bit overwhelmed, as my project is about a trait where the world can often be very overwhelming.


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